Whiskey Asylum

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Whiskey Asylum

Mensaje  Fingon el Miér Ene 26, 2011 1:50 pm

Sí nada más hago el post para tener la letra a mano para cuando la ocupe

whiskey asylum

there’s shade from the sun there’s warmth in the cold,

there’s relief from your sorrow there’s someone to hold,

it’s the ship in the bottle when i’m growing old,

sailing to whiskey asylum

if i once had a dream and i let it slip by

the anodyne cream takes the tears from your eye

and whatever may haunt me,the riders pass by

when i’m snug in my whiskey asylum

under ben bulben on top of the heap

on the path in between where i started to creep

the road of the righteous was thorny and steep

and i sank to the ground and i drifted to sleep

do you laugh as you pass, do you just hurry by

do you kindly stoop down with that look in your eye

do you know that it’s you just as much as it’s i

that’s a dream in this whiskey asylum

but i wish you could hear and i wish i could say

the thought that still runs through my head on this day,

is a love that has vanished just hidden away

could i fall to my knee,could i search, could i pray

gregory grene, ©34thstreet music ascap

tune: vances’ waltz, gregory grene, ©34th street music ascap

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